Strategic Plan

This three-year plan is a roadmap for change to guide the organization’s growth and development at a time when the need to bring lasting confidence to women facing the challenge of securing sustainable income has never been greater. The plan positions Wings For Success to best pursue its mission, realize its vision for the future, and achieve long-term financial stability.

Wings for Success’ Board of Directors, staff and volunteers will work together to achieve the following goals to the benefit of the organization’s constituents, supporters and the public. Contact us if you would like to learn how you can be a part of achieving this exciting future.


Strengthen the regional economy by developing the professionalism, presence, and work ethic of women re-entering the workforce after a period of transition, including survivors of domestic violence, crime victims, homeless women, and women recovering from addiction. 


Provide disadvantaged women throughout Chester County and the surrounding region with much needed support to build self-esteem and economic self-sufficiency.


Build a stronger community of volunteers, referral partners, and supporters who believe in the organization’s mission, vision and core values.
GOAL 4 Build long-term fiscal and organizational viability to ensure mission and programmatic excellence.
GOAL 5 Advocate for access to high quality and affordable housing, transportation, education, and childcare services for all women and their families.