The economy's downward spiral has devastated the savings of hard working people throughout our region. Many people have had to delay their dream of retiring to a life filled with family, hobbies and travel. And for others, that dream has been shattered completely. Lynn, a recent Wings client, was one of them.

Lynn worked for more than 40 years in the front office of a large insurance company. While she enjoyed her work and the friendships she made along the way, Lynn was excited to reach her retirement with a nicely saved nest egg to carry her through. Little did Lynn know that it would take just months to turn her retirement dream into a nightmare.

With the market's crash, the value of Lynn's nest egg plummeted. Before long, it was clear she would need to go back to work to make ends meet. And to complicate things further, with the stress of seeing a lifetime of savings dwindle to almost nothing and facing the daunting prospect of re-entering the workforce as an older worker in a down economy, Lynn lost more than 30 pounds. That meant none of her professional clothing fit anymore.

The New Choices/New Options program at Delaware County Community College helped Lynn update her office skills and prepare for the job search. This preparation included connecting Lynn with Wings for her interview outfits and a two week's worth of clothing to wear at what they hoped would soon be a new job.

When Lynn arrived at Wings, her personal clothing stylist saw the defeat in Lynn's eyes. So her stylist moved into high gear to give Lynn a warm and supportive experience as she was dressed for her second career. Lynn left Wings beaming, with big hugs from the Wings volunteers and a sense that maybe things really were turning her way. Commenting on her dressing appointment, Lynn said, "It was a wonderful and uplifting experience, restoring faith and hope."

Lynn is just one of many women facing a steep climb into the workforce during these difficult economic times. You can help these women regain hope and confidence in themselves by joining the dynamic volunteer team at Wings or by making a donation.