Spring 2014 WFS Newsletter

Spring Forward!                                                                                
March 2014 Newsletter


Spring Fashion Tip

2013 Annual Report

New Board Members

New Intern

Strategic Planning

WBC Partnership

Success Story



March 29: Fashion Forward Show & Expo

April 5: Get the Job (and Keep It) Workshop

Black, White, and a Pop of Color!

Here’s a fabulous way to spice up an outfit during the last grey winter days: add a pop of color to simple black and white!  As we jump into spring, black and white is on-trend and always a timeless look in the professional world.  Add a vibrant belt or a bright bangle to a crisp white blouse and black pant. There is nothing more flattering than black and white on any body type. Adding a printed scarf or bright cardigan over a black and white look brings your outfit to life!

2013 WFS Annual Report

Message from Executive Director LeeAnn Riloff

A belated Happy New Year to the Wings for Success Community! We’re working to support more women in 2014 and future issues of this quarterly newsletter will provide examples. But first, I’d like to take a look back at our accomplishments in 2013, when we experienced:

  • More volunteers and volunteer hours
  • More clients served
  • More client satisfaction and progress
  • More community partnerships

Details will be provided in the 2013 Wings for Success Annual Report, which will be available soon. 

Thanks for all you do to help Wings help our clients to fashion better lives.


Wings Welcomes Three New Board Members . . .

The all-volunteer Wings for Success Board of Directors has been strengthened by the addition of three new members who began three-year terms in January.

  • Sue Hone is a long-time Wings volunteer and serves as co-chair of the Fall Gala Auction Committee and also on the Workshop and Board Organization and Development Committees.
  • Charlene McGrady gained experience in Corporate Communications at DuPont and Shire Pharma and chairs our Marketing Committee in addition to serving on the Fall Gala Committee.
  • Lila Singleton, Workforce Development Manager at the Chester County Department of Community Development, chairs the Outreach Committee.

Information on Sue, Charlene and Lila will be added to the Wings Web site shortly.


. . . And a New Intern!

Maya Baker started working for Wings in January and will continue through April.  The Eastern University junior is studying social work. She will be supervised in part by Wings volunteer Christine Grantham, who has a degree in social work.

As one of her first acts, Maya went “undercover” (left) to receive the WFS client treatment from our unsuspecting Tuesday team of volunteer stylists. The results (right) speak for themselves!



Strategic Planning Process Launched

Wings for Success is working with Jason Alexander of Capacity for Change to develop a three-year plan that reflects both the changing needs and expectations of our funders, referral partners and clients and emerging trends in the external environment.

“As part of the strategic planning process, we will be reaching out to engage stakeholders, including the Board of Directors, staff, volunteers, funders, referral partners and clients,” says WFS Board President Mary Pat Knauss (right). “We’ll need their input to generate new ideas, insights and breakthroughs in thinking to help WFS leadership to make inclusive, inspired and data-driven decisions about the future.”

The process is expected to be complete by mid-year. Stay tuned!


Women’s Business Connection Names WFS Its Community Partner

The Women’s Business Connection (WBC) of Chester County (formerly the Women’s Referral Network) has chosen Wings for Success as its Community Partner for 2014 and 2015. As such, WFS will be the focus of WBC community investment efforts. The special relationship between the organizations was announced at the WBC January networking lunch.

“We are looking forward to working with Wings in the next 24 months to help more women make the transition to financial independence,” said WBC President Lorie Marrella.

“There is great synergy in the work of our two groups, which focus on women at different points on the career success spectrum,” WFS Executive Director LeeAnn Riloff added. “The WBC promotes opportunities for women entrepreneurs and executives, while Wings for Success helps women just starting or re-starting their journeys to professional success. But we share a commitment to women’s economic empowerment.”


A Wings Success Story

Program Manager Diane Mills reports that a client recently dropped by the office to share her excitement about landing a job in furniture sales with her Wings interview clothing. She also provided this written statement:      

Thanks to Wings for Success I have more confidence and project the professionalism I need to be successful at my new job. I sincerely thank everyone at Wings for Success. I feel like I now have Wings." 



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