Fashion Dash

Fashion Dash 2023

Join The Wardrobe and Wings for Success during the weekend of September 29th to complete your own Fashion Dash. Please help us raise $40,000 to send 800 Wardrobe Boxes to people experiencing clothing insecurity throughout our region. Wings for Success has a team for Chester County! When you sign up as a Fashion Dash FUNDracer to raise money through your friends and colleagues, please choose The Chester County Team to help us raise money to support our community.

Outfit People WEAR They Are

In 2022, The Wardrobe sent 1,100 Wardrobe Boxes to participants, directly bringing them The Wardrobe’s highquality and personally styled clothing at no cost. Boxes are part of our mission of eliminating clothing insecurity WEARever it exists!

People living in the Philadelphia suburbs often have a harder time accessing the help they need to transition to work or provide for their families. Clothing from The Wardrobe Box can help them achieve their goals easier.

60% of our Wardrobe Box recipients live in the Philadelphia suburbs. This year we are joining with Wings for Success to send boxes to Chester County and Northern Delaware.