Ann Marie Client Story Test

Annmarie knew her share of challenges before coming to Wings for Success. A single mom, she faced a drastic reduction in hours at the retail store where she worked, which ultimately caused her to lose her home. Through Friends Association in West Chester, Annmarie was referred to Wings For Success. “I was a little apprehensive going to Wings,” admitted Annmarie. “But everyone was so friendly and accommodating. They made me feel less self-conscious.”

Initially, Annmarie was a little skeptical about the clothes she was shown by her Wings for Success consultants as the outfits were much more professional than the casual dresses and slacks she was used to wearing. But the suit she ultimately chose and wore to her interview at a major department store greatly impressed her interviewer: “You’re what we want our associates to look like,” he said. Not only was Annmarie hired, she was given a full-time position rather than the part-time job she applied for.

On a second visit to Wings for Success, Annmarie received several career outfits to wear to her new job. The experience, she recounted, was a wonderful one. She appreciated that everyone was nice, nonjudgmental and honest about which outfits did and didn’t work for her.

“I’ve never had a lot of self confidence,” Annmarie confessed before adding: “But with these new outfits, I look at myself and I think: I do look good, don’t I?”