Nikki’s Client Story Test

Nikki came to her Wings appointment in a bundle of nerves. A few weeks before, she left a brutal domestic situation with just her two young kids and the clothes on her back. But her biggest angst at the minute was uncertainty of what to expect at Wings while knowing she had an important interview that afternoon.

Her dedicated Wings volunteer put Nikki right at ease and began working on an interview first impression that would give Nikki every possible chance. Nikki got the whole package — suit, handbag, shoes, stockings, and underwear. And it wasn’t just any suit. Nikki left for her interview in a striking red suit that brightened her outlook and left her confident she really could make it on her own.

Nikki went on to land the job. While the scars of her past will take a long time to heal, and it may be years before she stops fearing her partner will find her, Nikki continues to move ahead with her life. After getting settled in her new position, Nikki used her newfound confidence and security to earn a scholarship at a local university. We at Wings are sure this is but one chapter in Nikki’s success story.